Presenting uCertify's Authoring solution.

Empower educators and trainers with versatile, engaging assessments for all learning levels.

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Why Choose uCertify Authoring:

Choosing a company's authoring platform is a strategic decision that can significantly impact the efficiency, effectiveness, and overall success of your content creation and training initiatives. Our authoring platform stands out for several compelling reasons, making it the ideal choice for organizations looking to elevate their learning and development strategies.First and foremost, our platform offers unparalleled ease of use. We understand the importance of a user-friendly interface, ensuring that even those without advanced technical skills can create engaging and interactive content effortlessly.

This accessibility promotes widespread adoption across teams and facilitates a seamless content creation process. uCertify transforms learning engagement across disciplines, from STEM to visual arts, extending into higher education and workplace training.

Cutting-Edge Authoring Capabilities

Our platform features over 50 ready-to-use assessment types and interactive tools, thoughtfully organized into 10 categories, to cater to diverse educational and training needs at all levels:

Multiple Choice

Fill in the Blanks

Highlight, Hotspot, Drag and Drop

Classify, Match & Order

Written, Audio & Visual Responses


Charts and Graphs

Virtual Labs and Code Labs

Object Labs


Elevate Your Content with our Versatile Editor

Tailor your content effortlessly with intuitive design tools and flexible customization options. Seamlessly integrate multimedia, quizzes, and interactive elements to create engaging learning experiences. Maximize your impact and captivate your audience with dynamic course content tailored to your unique vision.

Key Highlights:

Grading Efficiency

  • Streamlined grading process for assessments.
  • Automated scoring and feedback mechanisms.
  • Customizable grading criteria to fit your evaluation needs.

Seamless Publishing

  • Effortless publishing of courses and updates.
  • Flexible scheduling options for content release.
  • Integration with learning management systems for seamless deployment.

Enhanced Collaboration

  • Smooth collaboration with team members and contributors.
  • Version control and revision tracking features
  • Real-time feedback and communication tools for efficient workflow..
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