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Practical Guide to Advanced Networking

ISBN : 9781616912963

Get complete knowledge and skills of networking with the Practical Guide to Advanced Networking course. The study guide provides coverage of all the concepts of networking such as Internet routing, Linux networking, network security, and many more. The course also provides the knowledge and skills for network infrastructure management and design, advanced router configuration, juniper router configuration. The course is equipped with interactive learning resources that will help in understanding all the basic and advanced concepts of networking.

Glossary of terms
Pre Assessment Questions
Post Assessment Questions
  • Key Pedagogical Features
  • Instructor Resources
  • Physical Network Design
  • IP Subnet Design
  • VLAN Network
  • Routed Network
  • Summary
  • Questions and Problems
  • Configuring Static Routing
  • Dynamic Routing Protocols
  • Configuring RIPv2
  • TFTP-Trivial File Transfer Protocol
  • Summary
  • Questions and Problems
  • Configuring Link State Protocols-OSPF
  • Configuring Link State Protocols-IS-IS
  • Configuring Hybrid Routing Protocols-EIGRP
  • Advanced Routing Redistribution
  • Analyzing OSPF Hello Packets
  • Summary
  • Questions and Problems
  • Operational Mode
  • Router Configuration Mode
  • Configuring Routes on Juniper Routers
  • Configuring Route Redistribution on Juniper Routers
  • Summary
  • Questions and Problems
  • Domain Name and IP Assignment
  • IP Management with DHCP
  • Scaling the Network with NAT and PAT
  • Domain Name Service (DNS)
  • Summary
  • Questions and Problems
  • Protocol Analysis/Forensics
  • Wireshark Protocol Analyzer
  • Analyzing Network Data Traffic
  • Filtering
  • Summary
  • Questions and Problems
  • Denial of Service
  • Firewalls and Access Lists
  • Router Security
  • Switch Security
  • Wireless Security
  • VPN Security
  • Summary
  • Questions and Problems
  • Comparison of IPv6 and IPv4
  • IPv6 Addressing
  • IPv6 Network Settings
  • Configuring a Router for IPv6
  • IPv6 Routing
  • Troubleshooting IPv6 Connection
  • Summary
  • Questions and Problems
  • Logging on to Linux
  • Linux File Structure and File Commands
  • Linux Administration Commands
  • Adding Applications to Linux
  • Linux Networking
  • Troubleshooting System and Network Problems with Linux
  • Managing the Linux System
  • Summary
  • Questions and Problems
  • Internet Routing-BGP
  • Configuring BGP
  • BGP Best Path Selection
  • IPv6 Over the Internet
  • Configure BGP on Juniper Routers
  • Summary
  • Questions and Problems
  • The Basics of Voice Over IP
  • Voice Over IP Networks
  • Quality of Service
  • Analyzing VoIP Data Packets
  • VoIP Security
  • Summary
  • Questions and Problems

Customer Testimonials

Akinyemi Toluwanimi Taiwo
The Advanced Networking course explains all the core concepts of networking thoroughly. The course contains interactive quiz sessions that will make your learning experience very interesting. The exercises, pre, and post-assessments are designed to help you master the course.